I admit that I can be quite terrible with names. This especially happens when I have been introduced to so many people at once. It might take a person to tell me their name as many as three times so that i can remember their name. I realize that am not the only one that has that problem as i will notice that some people will keep asking me my name over and over again.

I am neither a psychologists nor a brain surgeon but I know that our minds forget. From the easiest things like associating a name with a face to the more complex computer programming concepts or processes. When this happens, it is not a call for us to beat ourselves up its rather a call for us to be patient with our selves, to realize that we are processing millions of information bits and that sometimes some of it get lost.

Patience is the virtue to insist on. Especially when dealing with computers or other machines. They cant fight back, well, at least not yet. And so when the machine does not give you what you need, its probably because it does not understand your request.