It was cold and windy weather..pretty much bored and dull.. and idea about going central mall was not bad idea at all.. but the problem is i have to catch a bus to get there because it’s not that close by and i go only occasionally.

dressed up and ready.. few step and i reached a bus station.. i know its not best idea to tell the every bus driver and ask about direction to mall, so i rather choose to ask a guy in mid 30 and i assumed that he know some english.. turn out he is quite responsive and know english quite well.. but he too was new and quite not sure, so he consult a lady with mid 40 and quite bold in classy black jacket.. probably she is heading to home.. well she was quite confident and confirmed me with bus no. and turn out she is also waiting for same bus.. quite embrassing that she is quite loud and it create the little scene at bus station.ha.

as bus arrived, she step first and confirmed my direction to bus driver and then she give me thums up looks .. well to be honest, she is quite responsive to help me with direction. the word “gracias”(thank you”) is on repeat i found seat, i am quite relieved and at the back of bus leaning and looking out.. i was grateful for both and my mind was quite now in different direction staring out of window.

as we are about to reach.. my attention came to that lady again. and quickyl i figured out that her destination is about to reach.. well quite surprisingly she inquired a few people at my front seat and informed them about my help and reassured me that they will let u know once my destination reached.. that was quite un expecting help and i was quite embarrassed as every one at seat stare at me.. i smiled and said thank you very much.. “muchas gracias” . i was quite amazed by her help and very happy to meet her too..

she is my kind lady.

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