Simple animation in Premiere

Students in my multimedia storytelling course are creating explainer videos. I created this explainer for students interested in using simple animations to add moving text to the screen or do simple movement with icons or other graphics.

First, I’ll run through an example where I am putting moving text on top of video. For a documentary I am developing, I shot some video of Rock Steady Boxing, a boxing group for Parkinson’s patients. Before this documentary comes out, I might want to put out some short videos introducing the idea of boxing for Parkinson’s patients. Here’s an example of something I might want to do:

Here’s how we do it:

Step 1) Edit your video. If you don’t know how, here is a basic video editing guide.

Step 2) Create the title graphic. Go to “File > New > Title” and the title tool will pop up.

For the graphic in the video above I have two elements: the text and the white box behind it.

Just like any other design program, you use the text tool to create the text and the rectangle tool to create the box.

Sidenote: I set all my boxes at an opacity level of between 80 and 90, if they are over video.

Once you place the text in the box, you just need to close out of the title window and Premiere will automatically create a new title file in your project files window.

Step 3) Place the super over the video. Just like any other asset, all you need to do is drag it on to your timeline.

Step 4) Finally we need to animate the title so it moves in from the side of the screen. Premiere makes this very easy. Select the clip in your timeline. The effects control window should open on the top left side of the screen (if your windows set for standard editing layout).

If it is not already open, you should click the drop-down arrow for the motion effects. Within these options, we can adjust the position, size (scale), and rotation of our title.

For the video above I just need to adjust the position. I need it to start of the screen and move across the screen. The whole animation only take 15 frames, or half a second.

To start, click the stopwatch to the right of the word position. This tells premiere that you want to values of this variable to change over time. Then make sure the blue line is at the beginning of the clip and movie your title to where you want it at the beginning of the clip (i.e., off the screen). To do this, I changed the value 952 to -198. The number -198 mean that the center point of the graphic is starting 198 pixels off screen.

Once you have it set click the circle to the right of the numbers (in between the arrows). This creates a keyframe.

Now move the blue line to where you want the animation to end and change the first number back to 952. Premiere will automatically create a new keyframe. Your title should be perfectly placed and animate into the scene.

Using this same process, you can do tons of simple animation. For example, here is an stinger animation that I made using two graphics: a logo and a fork.

To make this all I did was messed with opacity (logo), position (forks) and scale (logo). Given the graphics, could you recreate this?