If I Were God…

Let me reiterate that you don’t have to take any of this seriously. I assure you I’m not trying to brainwash you or start some new cult or religion. We are just doing this ‘thought experiment’ for fun.

(In my previous ‘episode’, I asked the reader to ponder what they would do if they were God after creating the Universe via Big Bang or whatever means.)

I bet more than half of you would say that you probably wouldn’t change a thing. I would agree with that, but that’s not very fun, is it, from a Creator point-of-view?

We all have things we would or wouldn’t like to change, I’m sure, but the question was, what would you do after creating the universe if You were God? Would you really do, and hence, be nothing?

If you were mistaken about the question, then do that pondering thing again like I asked (and how I knew what you were thinking) whilst I describe what I would do.

I know if I created something, I would want to enjoy it to the fullest extent; all of it, as much as possible. I would also like to share it. I’m sure anyone would agree. Why wouldn’t you, especially when it’s such a glorious creation?

So, If I was God and I created this universe, I think I would definitely want to experience all of my creation in its entirety.

I don’t want to just watch it, though. What’s the point in that? How long can you sit in front of a television, especially when you know the ending of every show like you’ve watched it before, because of your omniscience?

No, I would want to live it. To be a part of it. I would want to be everything.

Every life: bird, animal, insect, plant, bacteria, etc. After all, is that not the way to fully experience something? And let us not forget that I would be omnipresent, so it makes sense that I would.

But now we have a problem. Being omniscient, I would know everything already. Since I am beyond time, I would know every possible ending of every possible story.

To get over this, I guess I would make myself forget I was God, and just be.

I would be everything. Every life from start to finish. I would experience every joy, every high, every laugh; every low, every tear, fear, and sorrow.

Think of it as TV, if you like. Every ‘life’ is like a channel you can switch to. That is, of course, assuming you could switch channels.

Perhaps it’s more like you only have one channel and a lot of programs lined up until you decide to switch it off (or maybe you can’t). Maybe God is living every life at the same time, or one at a time; who knows?

I confess I don’t know how it works at all; and even if I did, I would have forgotten it.

Think about it.

If I was God, I wouldn’t want to be some guy in blue tights flying around and shooting lasers from my eyes.

I’d want to be you. And I love being me too.

“But what about all the bad guys?”

“What about Satan?”

I never said anything about any of the mainstream religions, but I’ll touch on them later. For now, I think I’d like to let these ideas sink in for a bit.