Life’s Terminals

Life has many gates to open, yet some go their entire life being scared of opening one and many say that is their biggest regret. Looking through the many gates of life can bring unknown opportunities and knowledge that is priceless. The experiences themselves won’t eat you alive but help you thrive within settings previously unknown, forcing you to adapt to a world much more different than you are accustomed to. The fear of being lost is reasonable but realistically humans tend to find their land marks.

Gates are meant to be opened and there are thought to be keys to open them. But the lock on the gates is our own fear so the aforementioned key is therefore our own curiosity. People say “don’t do this, don’t do that” but these people are the ones who don’t have drive yet they are the ones who are shackled to the only only gate they have ever known. So sail fast, fly high and experience life’s terminals.