Bootcamp Experience So Far — Part3

So far, the learning experience at the Andela bootcamp has been wonderful. I have learnt so much in a week that I feel myself progressing rapidly towards my long term goal of being a World class developer.

Andela is a wonderful place and the people you meet there are great individuals, always willing to help or answer your questions.

In less than a week at the bootcamp, I have learnt:

- the importance of collaboration (and tools that enhance this e.g git/github)

- how to write efficient and legible code (other developers can follow the logic)

- the importance of having a growth mindset

- test driven development

- how to meet deadlines

These are skills one needs to make significant progress in the tech world today and am glad to be learning them.

I had the pleasure of building a simple front-end interface today and it was a lot of fun.

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