First things first, start by creating an android studio project in Android Studio and add the material design dependency in the app level build.gradle file

implementation ''

Next, we drag a button from the designer tool onto the activity_main layout file to show the date picker when the button is clicked. We also add a text view to display the selected date.

Steps to Create the date picker when the button is clicked

  1. Use the Builder object to create the date picker
  2. show date picker
buttonPickDate.setOnClickListener { // Create the date picker builder and set the title val builder = MaterialDatePicker.Builder.datePicker() .also {…

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This is one of those random posts that I set in to write after long months of no writing or blog posts and I really feel bad about it but seemingly I feel justified by my own laziness for being this lazy and dropping nothing about programming.

Why have I been unable to put aside just a second to do what makes me happy 😠. Enough of the questions, let me change the subject.

I broke the Limit and built an app in a day

How often do you end the day feeling happy about doing something you didn’t expect to do? That was the feeling I had a week ago…

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Hello there, today, I will be sharing how my immediate software developer community has helped me grow through skills as an Android developer and otherwise. One thing for sure, it will be a bit lengthy but it will definitely inspire someone ou there.

Entrance into the University

I entered the University in 2014 and found my way somehow into Computer Science after my application into the Faculty of Engineering and Technology was turned down. This was rather the first and biggest devastation I got in those days. All I wanted was the excitement that those who leave Upper Sixth have in entering the University.

University days, Quitting school and the Comeback

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It is rather unfortunate that a lot happens here in the English speaking parts of Cameroon(North West and South West regions) primarily caused by the presence of the military. Here, I recount what happened to I (Ngenge Senior) and a fellow friend on July 28, 2019, in Buea. But before I proceed, let me give a short bio about myself and the said friend.

I am Ngenge Senior, a BSc holder in Computer Science from the University of Buea(UB) and a trained Android developer since 2015. I graduated from UB in 2018 and I have been finding my way…

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Recyclerview is definitely one of the most important views that the Android framework has. The introduction of RecyclerView brought in a lot of advantages compared to the traditional ListView.Some of the advantages that it brought were thus; Item animations, layout managers unlike the ListView’s vertical list, Item decorations and many more advantages.

Creating a simple RecyclerView is not much of a headache when it comes to that which involves a single view type. All that is required is creating your adapter with a single view holder and that’s it.

The Complex Scenario

Take the case of applications like Instagram, Whatsapp, and Telegram which…

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Back in 2016, when I was just getting into the field learning Android development, I was using Java, though I was not a Java pro, all I wanted was learn how to code on Android after attending an Android Bootcamp which was previously organized at ActivSpaces, Buea. I fell on some material talking about Android development with Kotlin as an alternative language and I gave deaf ears to it, only to meet it a year later after Google I/O 2017 when it was announced as a first class language joining the Android platform. …

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In the internet age, access to data is power and thus as a programmer or software engineer or technocrat, the ways you handle data is very crucial. A single mistake of mishandling data could bring down a big organization. The
sensitive data we are talking about here include data like passwords, user names, pins, API keys, financial data, and many others.

In this post, we look at some measures that a developer should take when dealing with such data.

Enforce Authentication

Authentication is the process of determining whether a person or thing is who or what they claim to be. When…

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I started off getting an understanding of the whole thing about smart contracts and Solidity two months ago. This will be my first post on Smart contracts and the same will be published on my blog, Threaded Coder .

What is the Ownership and Role thing all about?

Let us say Mr. A owns a school, we want that when students pay fees, the fees go directly into his account. We also have students and teachers. But only students get to pay fees while only teachers can grade students. So we have the following scenario.

  • Mr. A is the Owner.
  • There are students who can pay fees(Have a Student…

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Almost any app you want to build requires storing and retrieving data, and this is applicable even to the simplest of applications you want to build. On Android, the traditional way of storing data is using the SQLite database. Thanks to the coming of Android jetpack including Architecture components and Room library, SQLite manipulation has been made better. I was researching a few weeks ago and fell on a new database called ObjectBox which as described on their site, ObjectBox is a superfast database for IoT and Mobile. It has bindings for Java, Kotlin, Go, Swift and C. …

Slack bots are used these days for many purposes. Maybe you want to notify your team members when a new issue has been assigned to them on Github or you want your team to be up to date .

Though we won’t be showing how to write a Slack bot in this post, the knowledge you gain here is a first step to writing your own bot using Python.


  1. Python3 installed

It is much advisable to use Python virtual environments when writing code, so we will create our virtual environment named slack_env, activate it…

Ngenge Senior

Android and Kotlin developer. Co-founder @ Njaka. Android developer mentor @ Udacity.A little blockchain

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