Andela BootCamp

So far so good. Atleast am alive. Pushing on and learning new things. Though the pressure is real.

Whenever I get stuck I have this very vivid vision of a guy swimming in mud. Am thinking of writing a for loop to go through all the times I don’t come up with a solution and only break when I ultimately master that part. On this part of the world time moves fast. I am learning and applying both at the same time.

They say that curiosity killed the cat. I want to know how to come up with that great project and I know these are the building blocks towards that goal. But today am not a cat and they already made the phrase “What does’nt kill you makes you stronger” so i’ll live by it. I will be curious to the end.

My knowledge base is increasing and my team mates are very handy whenever am stuck. It takes two to tango. So I push on so that tomorrow I can be a better developer than I am today.

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