1. Disable Multi-Process Windows

This may be because your PC isn’t handling the demands of multi-process…

Outline VPN is a new open source VPN created by Jigsaw. They promise an incredibly easy-to-install VPN experience, far easier than OpenVPN. That’s great news, as setting up a virtual private network (VPN) on a personal server has never been particularly easy.

Hold on a second. …

How Reserved Instances Are Applied

Over the years I have heard a lot of funny statements. “Just sharpen my skates a little”, “I want a defenseman’ss hollow”, “because I’m a bigger player, I need a deeper hollow”, “just sharpen them the regular way”, “I only get my skates done once a year”.

What is amazing…

Not too many years ago, well profiled skates were considered a sign of a good skater. Actually, back then, what players were looking for was pinpoint turning ability to help maneuver in front and around the back of the net, a maneuver Gretzky made popular.

In recent years, different skating…

During the summer some many players will join summer adult leagues just to keep their skates under them.

What is interesting is many professional players who have no idea that the blade holder on their skate could be moved on the boot to adjust for a particular skating problem. The…

What is skate profiling

This repository contains the scripts used to deploy an OpenShift Container Platform or OpenShift Origin environment based off of the Reference Architecture Guide for OCP 3.5 on Amazon Web Services.

Link: https://github.com/openshift/openshift-ansible-contrib/tree/master/reference-architecture/aws-ansible


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