Bali sambangan village waterfall trekking

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sambangan secret garden waterfall

Bali trekking Said who the streets to Bali trekking were expensive? Know that only by spending a few thousand rupiah money we can enjoy the tourist spots, not just one but direct 7 in one location. Apart from the well-known places in Bali, there are actually a lot of other tourism objects that are not too well-known by tourists but have amazing natural beauty. This is because the road or access to the location is quite difficult and the absence of public transportation, sometimes becomes a barrier to a tourist spot to be famous. But thanks to social media, now a new tourist spot easily known to many people although the road to the location is not difficult to be able to see the beauty of nature closer.

Sambangan village waterfall trekking

Beauty of one of the waterfalls in the tourist attractions, read also tamblingan jungle trekking
You need to know that the regency of Buleleng has been storing many natural beauty in the form of waterfalls tourism. Where natural condition that still very naturally makes us always amazed with the beauty of the environment. The regency located north of the island of Bali will not be exhausted for a day of exploration. Well for that here we will provide information about the tourist spots

Just as the name suggests, where the Secret Garden Sambangan is a hidden paradise that has not been touched by many people. This is because the location is hard to reach and requires an extract to be able to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall. Yes, it is a Sambangan secret garden that offers the charm of different waterfalls with other. Where in this area we can find more than 4 waterfalls in 1 location. Actually, for the total waterfall that is in the area of Sambangan Secret Garden as many as 7 locations, but because of the access to there is still not passed by any person. For that reason only 4 waterfall location is recommended by the manager of Sambangan Secret Garden.

Yes although to be able to get to the location of one waterfall to another need a power fit, but you do not have to worry. Because your tired will be paid immediately with the beauty of nature and the waterfall in this tourist place is amazing so it can spoil the eyes.

At the beginning of the trip, in the near future you will be greeted with fields and expanses of people who have a beautiful view of rural area. After that trip to the waterfall location will pass through the pathway. This is because the Secret Garden Sambangan is located on a plateau with a height of about 1000 meters above sea level, it is not surprising if there are many very beautiful scenery around the location is one of the charms Waterfall.

In addition, because the location of the track or access to the waterfall is going uphill from the beginning of the trip. But it is quiet, because along the way later the tourists will find a lot of stairs that are descending to be able to locate the waterfall. For this reason, before you depart for a tour of the Secret Garden Valley Club, first prepare your physical condition and make sure you are not exposed to anything.

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