Working for yourself means you can control your availability and also your income.


I have always known freelancing is all about flexibility. I’ve always wanted to get work done in a timely fashion. Who wants a disorganized life? No one! These are the things I have learnt as a freelancer so far:

  1. You learn every aspect of running a business. The business is your boss.


It was a chilly morning, I had just slept 4 hours after a night’s coding session. I received a Slack message from the client. He is pissed!!!

The project pace was the issue. The main concern was they needed provision for actual dates along with what the client should expect from their end and even send proposed review/follow-up dates upon delivery.

That was gibberish to me at the time because this project was so rushed I didn’t even get time to organize myself leave alone the project.

The most painful part was when I was told, “You are ideally running…

Use Sign Up Options

The Challenge

Brief: Redesign a part of the experience.

Duration: 2 days (Jan 2017).

My role: User Research and Interaction Designer.

Tools: Sketch, Adobe Experience Design.

Design Process: Redesigned an experience.


Desired Outcomes:

  • Redesign an experience in the PesaPal that makes it easier for people to sign up.


  • Designed wireframes.


  • Wanted to create a simple way of people registering.


  • Delivered wireframes.

Lessons Learned:

  • It doesn’t take too long to redesign a part of an experience, but testing it is important…

You have a short time to make a good impression when a decision-maker is looking at your LinkedIn profile.

source: Business 2 Community

Eye-tracking technology used by TheLadders revealed that recruiters spend an average of 19 percent of their time on your LinkedIn profile simply viewing your picture. The research also revealed that just like resumes, weak organization, and scannability within a LinkedIn profile negatively impacted the recruiter’s ability to “process the profile”.

Here’s how to build a Killer LinkedIn Profile.

+1: The Photo

Wanted to say on Twitter OR Medium but…

image credit:

I was seeking great insights, well-researched articles and some inspiration in the realm of UX, so I headed to Twitter and Medium to follow these industry’s UX-centric biggest names from Kenya. Unfortunately, I am still confused because I thought there’s an online active community of UX and Product Designers from Kenya that love sharing information.

Anyway, I hope 2017 will be a year of sharing info, sharing knowledge, sharing power.

Please note the list is not in order of a ranking scale

Tosh Juma

Kagonya Awori

Mark Kamau

Anthony Magayu

Fady Rostom

Michael Muli

Power has shifted from employer to employee

First off, this is from a recruitment and retention perspective with understanding that millennials are now the driving force within the global economy and they expect more transparency, more honesty, and a more personal approach.

  1. Employees are the biggest risk vs Employees are the biggest asset
    If you treat your employees with respect and you involve them in your decision making, they’ll go the extra mile for you, regardless of their job title. Your employees are your most critical influencers.

“Culture is about performance, and making people feel good about how they contribute to the whole.” …

Press Cancel to Send??

What’s the problem?

Poor design!

It creates friction. The less the design aligns with what the user is trying to accomplish, the more friction increases. Whenever friction occurs, someone becomes frustrated. The user ,may feel the frustration because they can’t complete their task. Take Sally, for instance. She is a 52-year-old grandmother, married to a peasant farmer. She is currently learning to use a smartphone to help out with enquiries coming from her grandkids who need to take care of her. She is normally very active but has recently been hampered by low vision, but struggles to accept it. Many everyday tasks are now difficult…

Sublime Text Snippets

Anybody who’s been a developer/designer for long enough has been productive using code snippets.

So how do we do we become ninjas?? We will accomplish this by creating snippets in Sublime Text.

Now a snippet in Sublime Text is a block of code that is injected into your working document when triggered to make your work easier and faster.

Now let’s do this!!!

Step 1

So to create a snippet, go to ‘Tools’ > ‘New Snippet’.

Lewis Ngugi

Product Designer

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