My Experience At Andela Bootcamp Part 2

Andela Bootcamp continues today and I learned great lessons. I almost could not meet up with the submission deadline of today’s tasks. What really happened?

Overconfidence. When I say the tasks for today, I told myself “this is very simple, I can get everything done in two hours or less”. Truly, the tasks were easy. So instead of starting the tasks early, I decided to read some technical materials. After few hours, I decided to start solving the problems. When I was almost through, my system froze and I was left with no choice than to do a force restart. Consequently, I lost my work and I had to start all over again.


What happened today has thought me three great lessons.

  1. Do not procrastinate any task.
  2. Commit your work at regular intervals and make commits as atomic as it can be.
  3. Push your commits at short intervals

Have I done these things, I would not have had to start my work over.

Notwithstanding (but with sitting), I am glad that I am able to meet up with the deadline.