Is PPC Ads a profitable option?

Nilanjay Ghura
May 14 · 4 min read

So you have finally made the decision to either go with the in-house marketing team or digital marketing agency. Wait Nilanjay…Why on earth do I have to choose between two? If you have this question then my friend you need to read my previous article.

In-House Marketing Team or Digital Marketing Agency?

Let’s continue…so irrespective of the decision you have made, this article is common for all. I am sure a few of you are already aware of the concept of PPC (also known as Pay-Per-Click) but for the ones who are not:

“Pay-Per-Click or PPC is a term used for paid ads in the world of Digital Marketing. It is a form of advertising where advertisers have to pay to be listed on the top/side of search engine results and social media platforms. For example — On Google, a paid ad has “Ad” tag next to it.”

You only pay when a person clicks on your ad!!

So, the million dollar question is…whether should YOU invest in this online auction system or not?

Word of Caution: PPC is not a child’s play and can create a hole in your pocket if not applied strategically!!

Almost every Social Media Platform and Search Engine have the option to run PPC Ads.

And in the majority of cases, I always suggest a person to go for Pay-Per-Click because it helps in boosting sales/revenue in short-term, usually when the person’s business does not have a good organic reach.

However, I NEVER suggest them to run paid ads on each and every platform possible because as I mentioned earlier, Pay-Per-Click has the ability to create a hole in your pocket.

So pay attention to the following things before you finalize the PPC platform:

Target Audience

NEVER ever in your life! plan a marketing campaign, especially online campaign without understanding the ins and outs of your audience. People who make this mistake, end up making greater loses than profits.

Create a Buyer Persona (Fictional Character) of the audience you wish to target and based on that, start performing your research like which is the most trending platform where your audience hangs out? what is the marketing message that you want to potray to them? And many more.

This will give you clarity regarding the PPC platform that you should tackle first.

Reasonable Budget

Once the platform has been decided, you need to plan out the investment that you would like to make in that platform. DO NOT go all in within the first month.

Start with a small and reasonable budget and then increase as you start seeing some quality results.

“Getting Leads from PPC is easier but Getting Quality Leads is the difficult part”

Out of the world Landing Page

Why bother creating a separate page just to capture leads? Many have tried that before you and they have failed. The reason why your homepage will not work is that it does not contain all the information that the user is looking for.

He or she will navigate further in the website to find the answers they seek and if not found, will eventually leave. Congratulations you just lost your 2 dollars right there.

However, a landing page is created with the idea of solving the user’s problem and if he or she is able to find the entire information on one page, I do not think so that they will leave without filling the info form.

I will end this point with the following quote:

“A good first impression isn’t just about design, but also how fast that design loads.” — Tommy Walker

The above three points are the guiding blocks that will help you in creating a successful PPC Campaign and generate some cost-effective leads which actually helps in the growth of your business.

Invest in PPC but invest strategically. Amen.

Nilanjay Ghura

Written by

Growth Hacker || Digital Marketer || Startup Consultant || Founder at Vigyapan Tree

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