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I am a firm believer that those inches do help keep some men from lusting after them. I have had men that are not predators, good family men that have proven over time to be faithful to their wives and children tell me that seeing an almost naked beautiful women makes them lust after them. Seeing a gorgeous man that is half naked makes me feel the same way. Does it mean that they will never be raped? No, but I didn’t think we were “just” talking about rape here. If this is ONLY about rape, then I most certainly did mis-comprehend your blog. I though it was about making a girl feel ugly and unprotected because she couldn’t wear short shorts or skirts with her butt cheeks hanging out and tanks tops with the cleavage showing everything but her nipples. I have to admit, I even look when I see someone dressed like this. And I am only attracted to men and would never even consider raping a women. A good looking man with his shirt off and in swim shorts in a classroom would surely distract me. I have a LOT of male friends who will pay more attention to the VERY SAME woman with a short skirt on than with some lose fitting pants or longer skirt on. They treat the women that they meet that are scantily dressed differently than they treat the women that are dress more conservative and classy. It’s a fact. The two outfits on the same person gets two different reactions from men.

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