Why Erykah Badu’s Opinion Is Dangerous
Dominique Matti

I don’t believe that Erykah was victimizing women. Having a family full of very loving, committed God fearing, married men surrounding me, I happen to think differently. They warned me about how men look at women, in a way much different way than the way your father did. Instead they warned me about how men like your father think. It didn’t make me feel ugly. It made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world!! They taught me that things that are as valuable as the things that God has blessed me with are not for everybody. For if I am more precious than any other thing in this world, then I am certainly not for everyone. Everyone is not allowed access to the most expensive, most beautiful, most important things in this world so why should I be if I am worth even more? There are certain parts of my body that should be seen only by my significant other. When others see it, as beautiful as it is, they have not yet learned to appreciate it’s worth and as a result are more apt to mistreat it. I am certainly more precious and valuable than a Rolls Royce, Yet you would not park your decked Rolls in the middle of the ghetto and leave the doors unlocked or the top down because it is surely to get stolen, stripped and vandalized. That doesn’t make the perpetrators innocent nor does it blame the victim when you tell them that it wasn’t smart to leave their car there. It is simply a fact!! And I am worth exponentially more than a Rolls Royce! Displaying your priceless, beautiful body to those who are not worthy of seeing it as well as the world full of sexually ill persons, then asking those sexually ill people to not react to it does not make sense. The fact is, they are out there. And when people ignorantly say that covering up doesn’t stop rape, they are missing the whole point. Don’t put a plate of meat in front of a hungry lion if you don’t want it to eat the meat. He may still eat you if he gets hungry enough, but he would certainly eat the plate of meat first. It’s easier. It’s there. He can see it and smell it. It’s tempting him. Things that are valuable are not for everyone. Value your beautiful body!

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