Pokémon Go

6 August 2016
After a month of complaining, Pokémon Go was finally released in Singapore.

Before long, advisories were quickly released, Facebook and WhatsApp groups were created and businesses jumped in to ride on the craze.

The game has created a phenomenon never seen before, drawing thousands onto the streets in search of the 151 pokemons roaming around Singapore.

The race to catch ’em all began.

A big crowd gathers at the rooftop of Vivocity every weekend since the release of Pokémon Go.
Players use e-scooters and bicycles to travel around faster so that they can accumulate distance used to hatch eggs faster.
A couple playing Pokémon Go with their kids at a neighbourhood basketball court.
A man reading an article on Pokémon Go hacks.
Trio dressed up as Team Rocket — a villainous team in pursuit of evil and the exploitation of Pokémon.
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