Baltimoreans capture the view from their windows during the pandemic

Nguyen Khoi Nguyen
4 min readApr 27, 2020


Inspired by the New York Times story that asked illustrators in New York to draw the view of their city under lockdown from their window, Baltimoreans got out their sketchbooks and did the same.

The most interesting thing I’ve seen from my window since the pandemic is my sister-in-law making a video of herself dancing to Mamma Mia. Up until this point, she hadn’t been outside for a month.
Nguyen Khoi Nguyen

This is the view from my kitchen window into my backyard, a source of solace and a place of constant weeding. It’s been wonderful to have this space during the quarantine, to sit under Wilma the Willow Tree, tend to the plants, and hope for the future.
Daniel Pham

I’m lucky enough to live in a neighborhood with tons of mature trees so everything is exploding with different shades of green around me. Things seem eerily normal. Neighbors walk their dogs, kids ride bikes and folks run throughout the day. On warmer days, neighbors work from their porches and you can hear 3 or 4 calls going on at once. On other days, the bird songs can be deafening. Not a bad thing but not something that I’ve ever remembered hearing.
Julie Sayo

The last time I saw my students was March 10th. We were preparing for a test in Biochem II and joking about senioritis. Knowing that they are so far from each other and that we didn’t get to say goodbye properly has been some of the hardest parts of this quarantine. But, being together on Zoom at 9 AM every MWF (plus lab!) has been life-giving. This was the Zoom window from our first morning of distance learning. I could not stop smiling that entire day.
–Thao Nguyen

My windows with the blinds shut — an homage to Annie Dillard’s study, where she wrote the second half of Pilgrims at Tinker Creek.
Sea Lea

I’m obsessed with tangibility. Do you know what it’s like to dissociate? Constantly, I ask myself, What is time if everyday is the same thing? What are days, weeks, and months, If everyday I struggle to get out of bed and function for 8 hours a day and repeat. What is hard work when ceremonies, celebrations and commencement are canceled? What is happiness if loved ones, friends, relationships are suddenly halted? If I could put my finger in the stigmata of physical reality I would, but unfortunately, I can’t. I really wish I could.
–Vi Nguyen

View from my patio door. Missing neighbors and friends. Only real entertainment has been watching the birds…
Ben Claassen III

My two cats have left their nose-kisses on my living room window more times than I can count. Now when I look out this window I see it through a smattering of their nostril-shaped wishes and whiskered wants to be on the other side. I never really thought about this in “The Before,” but now, in, “The After,” I can’t help but try and count those little kisses, wishing to be on the other side too.
Zachary Handler



Nguyen Khoi Nguyen

Nguyên Khôi Nguyễn is a multi-disciplinary artist and educator. He is the author of Bittersweet: A Pandemic Sketchbook and the multimedia comic, The Gulf.