Always be there for yourself

There’s one thing I want you to remember all the time. "Always be there for yourself” Struggling with depression is never easy. It’s far from being okay. I know there are people who kept on saying that they are always there for you, but don’t just rely on them. When you have a depression you know that you don’t understand everything about yourself, you questioned everything, there are days that you feel tired and there’s something you can’t do about it. Even you, yourself, can’t understand yourself, how about other people who never know something about what you are feeling everyday or your struggle? When the day has come that they are also tired to understand you, just set them free from you because you know how hard it is to understand yourself. When the day has come that everyone leaves you, just always be there for yourself because even though you feel tired and you just want to leave yourself like they do, you can’t because it’s your body, it’s you who has struggling with depression. But I know you can do this. You can fight and I know one day you can be genuinely happy.

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