What you should expect from us — in just 10 days time

What would you consider a difficult problem? One you would have to spend a long time trying to solve? One that would consume a lot of your energy or money? What helps you decide whether a problem is actually a difficult one?

It’s important to know when a problem will challenge you, as solving problems is what makes someone really valuable — at any job and any level. Problem solving is also what consultants typically do: they help other teams tackle complex, specialized challenges that require expertise and relevant experience.

The art and craft of solving difficult problems (Photo by Olav Ahrens Røtne on Unsplash)

We live in an era where time is of the essence. Most of the time, busy professionals need to deal with problems right away and cannot afford researching all available options or testing every solution that is out there. Someone needs to help them cut through the clutter and get straight to the point, in a really quick and efficient way. It seems that solving the problem is important, but the real challenge is solving it quickly and smartly.

This is why I’m constantly amazed by the team at Agroknow. We can present a solid proposal for any type of problem a client or partner may have, in just 10 working days. It takes us a week to prepare a brief and get the right team together to design a solution. It then takes us another week to scope our approach and document it using a slidedeck and an offer.

After fifteen years of working in this sector, I feel very confident about the efficiency with which we attack digital problems in agriculture and food. Bring us any challenge you are facing regarding the way technology and data can add value to your work. Then reserve a slot in your calendar: 10 days later you’ll be able to hear all about the way that we would go about solving it. Because we believe that the most scarce and valuable resources in problem solving are time and experience.

Simply put:

Do you work in the agriculture and food sector? Do you face challenges in finding the best ways technology and data can work for you?
Bring us your problem and we will propose a solution within 10 working days.

Our guarantee: if we cannot respond within 10 working days, you get a 10% discount on our services per extra day that we will need. For a 2-day delayed response, there is a 20% discount on our fees. If it goes up to 5 extra days, you will pay half price. If it takes us more than 20 working days to respond, we will implement the proposed solution for free.

An unknown challenge is an opportunity to learn that remains to be explored (Photo by CJ Dayrit on Unsplash)

I know we can live up to our promise. I have seen our team deliver on this promise again and again. Even if we don’t, this means we are facing a completely new challenge and we need to study and think harder before we propose the high quality solution that one would expect from us.

We are willing to pay the cost because that would mean someone is helping us become better at what we do. That is what we strive for.