Information about Humancoin

1.About Humancoin

Humancoin is the new massive cryptocurrency fuelled by the Proof of Charity mining protocol (which allows to scale it thousands of times). It is backed by the synergy of charity industry and retail e-commerce (which together have a combined value of $3,5 trillion on a single P2P convenient platform).

2.Humancoin a unique breakthrough project

This is the first ever blockchain project that has the potential to become a global e-commerce loyalty program aggregator. Humancoin unites philanthropists and recipients of funds on a single P2P platform in the most convenient and transparent way possible.

Association with philanthropy gives its tokens a unique advantage in developing loyalty programs with partners, creating a strong emotional resonance. Instead of competition, the Humancoin token is effortlessly integrated into already existing systems — all it requires is setting a conversion rate.

3. Strategic Partners

OKEX as a guarantee of success for the project. Currently, OKEX is one of the largest Cryptocurrency trading platforms.



White paper:


Pre-sale Time:01 July 2018–15 Aug 2018

ICO Time:15 Sept 2018–01 Nov 2018

5. Token info

Token name:HUMA


Token Type:ERC20

Available for sale:3,055,000,000 HUMA (50.9%)

6.HUMA token

ICO Price:1 HUMA = 0.01 USD


Soft cap:6,000,000 USD

Hard cap:26,000,000 USD

7. Social media

Humancoin which is a very potential current project, offers a very good investment opportunity for investors. The current project is in the ICO process, involved in the project right now.

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