ORBIS!The new generation of 
financial institutions

  1. What’s ORBIS project?

2. Team & Advisors

Orbis team combines passion for technology, industry, web development, marketing and banking with personal hobbies, a mix which makes us love our work.

3. Roadmap

This is the roadmap for the development of the project, the road map is very specific and detailed, marking the milestone that the project will implement in the future.


  • This is a very reasonable distribution, referral only accounts for a total of 8% this is a huge plus point of the project. Team only holds a total of 10%, showing the transparency of the project, avoiding manipulating prices later
  • Much of the money is distributed for development and project marketing, which means that the project is very ambitious for long-term development in the future.

5. ICO Rating

The project was highly appreciated by ICO experts for their ideas, practical application and white paper. You can view the white paper of the project here: https://orbistransfer.com/#whitepaper

6. Advantages of the ORBIS Project

ORBIS has the solution for all current cryptocurrency problems. We are aiming to bring a fast, cheap and safe reach to your assets (fiat money and cryptocurrency) with mobile aplications / desktop platform and unique Futuristic Self-Service Branches all over the world.

ORBIS are working with web security specialists, and our platform will have a descentralized 2FA on the blockchain network.

ORBIS are colaborating with AI and VR developers creating a one of a kind Virtual AI Chat Robot that will assist our users anytime in any problem regarding the platform.

OrbisSolutions OÜ will obtain a banking license and will act as a legit financial company around the world that is using blockchain technology.

ORBIS are working on the platform and coins with private capital and will release the platform in any case. But if the min. capital is not reached, all funds will be returned to the users.

7. Summary

ORBIS which is a very potential current project, offers a very good investment opportunity for investors. The current project is in the ICO process, involved in the project right now.

You can see the progress of the ICO completion of the project via the image below.

This is my review of the ORBIS project, hoping to help those who are looking for the project, Good luck!

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