We’re in a brave, new post open source world
Nadia Eghbal

I like how you gave the whole history behind open source and talk how the open source community has really made great strides. Although the open source community may feature a little bit of anarchy, the repetitive, and redundant libraries people create despite existing libraries is an effort to actually create different approaches to a common solution. Sometimes one solution doesn’t fit all and the open source community has been a huge driver of that: trying to find creative solutions to niche and unique problems.

Also, I really think there’s a lot of incentive for tech companies to feel the need to become actively involved in the open source community. It helps with the company branding and is also itself a form of marketing. Even abstinent companies like Apple and Microsoft have seen the power of the open source platform. It drives attention and involvement in your software product and platform, in a way that can make the overall product a better experience for both the company and the open source community.

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