Top 5 tips to make your CV smarter


The ‘Objective’ on your CV is an anchor you should drop RIGHT NOW.

Who cares about the objective you mentioned in the CV, not even you, Right? If you don’t care about it then why do you think the recruiter would do. Trust me! nobody reads those 2–3 lines of your worthless objective. 99% chances are that it’s just a:


If you are a talker, good for you but for heaven’s sake don’t vomit words on your CV. Well! AI will take over the screening process (in-time) but 90% of the companies still have a HUMAN sitting behind the desk who is going to decide if you get a chance to attend the interview or not. So if you are going to tell the story of your life, better try for Bollywood because that guy behind the desk is not letting your CV go through. Keep your CV Crisp and tidy with only relevant information.


“I was instrumental in bringing Clark Kent from Krypton”

“I assembled the Mighty Avengers to save the world”

You know what! enough of blah blah blah. Give the freaking numbers. Don’t tell the story. Let the numbers talk how awesome performer you are. Back your numbers with complete details (to be discussed in the interview and not to be put on CV). Your CV will look more qualitative if it is quantified. Otherwise, it’s nothing but another paper in the bin and you would be another Dracula who will keep yelling:


Let me tell you a joke I heard long back.

Father to his 5 yr old son: What will you do when you grow up?

Son: When I grow up, I will become a daddy. I will become a doctor. I will go to school. I will get married. I will study hard.

Father (In shock): Do whatever you want to do but just do it in the right sequence.

I hope you got the point. Maintain the chronological order of your experience in the CV. Start from your latest assignment because that would be more relevant for the recruiter to look into. If you confuse the recruiter by not putting up your experience in the right order with a proper timeline, you are making the recruiter do the job for you which he will hate to the core. And guess what! while you are reading this he might have thrown your cv in the recycle bin and trust me it’s never going to come out that bin even if it is called Recycle Bin. If you have gaps in your career, do highlight it with honesty. There will be someone who will hire you for your honesty. I will.


Choose the right font and style of your CV for the kind of job you are applying for. If you are applying for a management role, keep it more professional because it has to be your reflection. Choose the right font, check for alignment and make it clutter-free.

If you are applying for a creative role then like I said, your CV is your reflection. Make it so creative that it stands out. Don’t you dare slide a boring CV for a creative role. I have personally rejected thousands of CVs without even reading just because it was not good enough for a creative role.

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