The Secret of a Happy Life

Look at the man in the picture. His name is Logan.

Logan lived a long, long life, but never an easy one.

He was born an illegitimate child to the groundskeeper of his rich foster parents. In an altercation, he killed his father at less than 10 years old, never knowing who he was. After that, he ran away and grew up in a mining colony.

When he accidentally killed his best friend, he flew to the woods to live alone amongst wolves. Then he fought in WWI. And WWII. He was kidnapped, tortured and treated like a human experiment. Weaponized.

Even when he eventually found his place as part of a force for good in the world, most of his life was filled with pain, rage, anger, sadness and despair. He fell for a woman, only to have the love of his life taken from him by his own hands.

Logan never stopped seeking answers to his blurry past, often drowning his sorrows in alcohol, trying to numb the pain. But he rarely found them, and when he did, they only led to more questions. His entire life was a giant, lonely battle.

Fighting. More fighting. Every day he fought.

It really makes you wonder. Where did he find the will to continue? Why keep up the fighting?

I know why. For all the pain he endured, for all the suffering, one thing was never missing from Logan’s life: Meaning.

He always had a reason to fight. A reason to go on. Someone worth protecting. Something worth fighting for.

Even on the day he died, Logan was in a fight. He was with family when he uttered his last words: “Don’t be what they made you.”

Logan never asked for his life to be full of hardships. He didn’t want all the trouble. All the grief. He was a good man whom a lot of bad things happened to.

But he never turned into what the world wanted him to be. No matter how much pressure it applied. That’s why we still tell stories about people like Logan, long after they’re gone. And we always will.

The secret of a happy life is that it might not be happy at all.

We may never know until we get there, but it will still be worth it in the end.