First month of open source

This past month has been an exciting first steps to contributing to open source. Despite how minor the changes I made were, I learned much more also about general etiquette on how to contribute work in a team setting. Prior to contributing to open source, my development experience has mostly been solo efforts. Even in a team setting, my team members and I worked together separately. We would assign each other segments of the project that are separate from each other. People would work on their own feature for the project, and the code would be tested by themselves. Git was used sometimes to implement version control, but many times it was a simple copy paste of the entire code base. There wasn’t really a formal process for checking code. Contributing to open source introduced me to a structured process for code review and the iterative process of receiving feedback and making changes to the code.

Contributing to open source has really made me more comfortable reading and editing other people’s code. It’s taught me about proper contribution etiquette and how to incorporate feedback to improve code or documentation. It’s also made me more confident in navigating and understanding larger projects. At first, it was rather daunting to not really understand the entirety of the project, but I have come to like exploring code. It’s like exploring a new city by getting lost and then finding your way back.