I came across Runelite while searching for game-related projects on GitHub. It is an open-source client for OldSchool Runescape. There was an issue filed requesting for better 404 messages as currently they are returning empty error messages.

The issue:

I chose this issue because Runelite uses Java so it will be easier for me to understand the code, however I have never worked with a Java code base at this size before. I am unfamiliar as to how the code is structured, but that’s pretty much the case for any project that I’ve never worked with before. The contribution guidelines also recommends using the IntelliJ IDE, which I have never used before but I have used a derivative work of it, Android Studio. It also uses Maven to properly manage the building, running, and deploying of the client, which I am wholly unfamiliar with as Android Studio uses Gradle.

I also used to play RuneScape in the past so interacting with the game again but from a developer’s point of view instead of a player’s view will give me a better appreciation for what needs to be done in order to make a game client, let alone a whole game.

I submitted a PR implementing the suggested quick fix but I didn’t really understand the alternative and more nuanced solution that was proposed. The Runelite community also provides an IRC chatroom as well as a Discord server for questions or comments. I’ll probably be using that to ask about how to improve the fix.