What are the Key Brochure Design Elements?

You may think a printed brochure is not necessarily important in this digital era but guess again. A professionally designed brochure can be an important lead generating tool. When you meet someone in an initial meeting, an event or a trade-show, you take time to understand each other’s businesses. And when you leave, what reminds your prospect of the services you offer or sets you apart from your competitors is your well-designed brochure that showcases all your services or products. If you are still carrying around your old-fashioned brochure or do not have one, then it’s time to hire the services of professional brochure designer in Sydney to work with you in creating your new brochure design.

A professionally designed brochure is vital for many industries and despite the digital age, still provides an avenue to remind your prospects of your products and services even when they aren’t on your website. When you are making an initial contact, it can be more effective than any other kind of marketing asset because it is tangible. There is less probability your prospect will visit your website just after the initial meeting. Since a brochure can be left in sight, it will force them to learn more about your firm and then go on to visit your website. It builds credibility for conveying important messages about the value of your products or services. It plays a major role in building your brand and positions you as a genuine business in the minds of your prospects and customers.

When you engage in professional brochure design in Sydney, you will have the assurance your brochure will be designed professionally and with your marketing goals in mind. Your brochure design company will include all the essential design elements that are required for your brochure to connect with your prospect customers.

Here are some of the key design elements that will connect your readers:

Eye-catching/Attention-grabbing cover –Let’s face it many prospects and customers harbour short attention spans. So if your brochure does not immediately catch their attention or evoke their interest, they would not proceed further through the rest of your brochure. You need a brochure with a visually appealing design, with an attention grabbing headline that addresses a powerful benefit for your customers.

Engaging content — Your prospects will always look for information that can help them in meeting their needs, save their time, lower costs and so on. So focus on content that will solve the problems and challenges your customers face. It is a good idea to use graphs, charts and images to help support your content and convey your message more effectively.

There are many more important design elements you should include in your brochure. For example — powerful call to action should be included as you definitely want to move your prospects to the next phase of your sales cycle. Along with the above points,ensure your brochure’s visual elements like colour, imagery, fonts, logos etc, all add to the overall feel of the brochure and are of high quality. After all, a good brand image is a key ingredient in earning your prospect’s trust.

Hiring an expert with good hands-on experience of brochure design in Sydney will ensure you have a professionally designed brochure that compliments your business and its products and services. Along with brochure design, you should also compliment your marketing collateral with other design directions to help expand on your message and reach. In the digital age, adding video to your marketing arsenal could be of benefit to your overall exposure. Us the services of a company experienced in video production in Sydney if you are interested in other digital marketing services to take your business to the next level.

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