Combating Stress

By now I know that stress is my number 1 enemy.

I keep stressing myself and worrying about everything, and that worry holds me back. When I’m stressed about something I can’t perform well, not at work, not at home, and I drag my stress everywhere with me. I pretend that I don’t take work home with me, but the truth is, I do leave my files in the office but I take the work stress at home, so I end up spending my time with my family without being really there, I can’t talk, I can’t engage, I don’t have any energy in me to even listen.

I’m also pretty sure that stress is taking it’s toll on me physically. How I know that? Because all day long I pretend that I’m not stressed and that everything is ok, and if I don’t let that stress out, eventually it will start messing with my blood pressure, and there have been recent times where I could feel bad headaches during a stressful event and I’m worried to think that it’s probably my blood pressure going up!

So now that I know that, I need to find ways to combat it, obviously this will be another big project of mine for the remaining of the year.

I’ve already noticed that a good plan for crammed days with a lot of work to do helps a lot, it even saved me from a bad anxiety attack! However sometimes the stress is more than what can be handled by a simple plan, or it’s caused by something that I have no control over. I try to sooth myself and listen to some music or watch a movie to take my mind off the subject of my worries, and I keep reminding myself that there is no point of stressing out over things that I can’t do anything about, but that is not enough, stress is pretty irrational and reason then is not useful.

I’ll do some research but I need your advice. Is there anywhere to begin? Any tips? Previous experiences maybe?


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