As I mentioned previously, my project is on a standby right now due to some shortcomings. These were of course very probable, because no one can ever start something without some failures. That’s the bitter sweet story of this journey. I only hope that these will resolve themselves soon so I can proceed.

Continuing on the dark side, I am waiting to hear back from some greek members I inquired to immerse myself into their community. I know they will probably need confirmation from a higher order aka their bigs. I hope to hear back from them very soon. Meanwhile If I don’t hear back soon, I might reach to the multicultural greek life. But they hold most of their recruitments in the spring…. this will be very interesting as I don’t know if a bunch of seniors will allow me (if you know any that recruited this fall please tell me). Also my low midterm grades are demoralizing me and I feel I need to catch up there making me slack even more here.

Nonetheless, I remain optimistic that everything will go on well. The drawbacks are what make the journey more entailing.

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