Crystal Coma | Strain Review

From Dank Dynasty in El Monte, CA.

I went through this one SO FAST. Seriously. I was like Brucie eating that Chocolate Cake in Matilda… just DEVOURED it. It’s citrusy and sticky, with some sweet lemon that lingers in the back of my throat. Dang, now I want a lemonade slush from Auntie Anne’s or Wetzel’s Pretzels… you know, one of those pretzel joints in malls. Maybe mix some blue raspberry or cherry in there too…

It’s a Sativa-Dominant Hybrid, about 70/30, in case you were wondering. It lifts me up and keeps my mood light and prevents me from getting uptight, which I can totally do sometimes, especially when I’m working hard. I take advantage of Sativas to help me get shit done. Some people wanna say this stuff will knock you out… well, maybe if you’re not medicating daily.

It’s pain-relieving properties are no bullshit. It’s hard to find a Sativa that will knock out the pain AND keep me focused. It’s helped me get through some late nights on my recent projects.

Overall, it’s a really smooth smoke and it smells great. It stops me from thinking too much about stuff, which is something I definitely have a problem with sometimes. I’ve gotten better, and buds like this certainly help. It lets the overthinking just roll off of me like water droplets on freshly shaved legs.

I’m so glad I have a client in Monrovia now, because it gives me an excuse to go back to Dank Dynasty and discover more great buds. They may have just recently opened, and I may have been a little weirded out by the location, but once I was inside and met the guys, my perspective totally changed. They even let me write on one of the main beams with a sharpie. If you’re ever there, look for it! Then send me a pic of it, or Instagram it and tag me (@nguimond)!