Credit sharing for success

Harry Truman once said, “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit”. I have recently witnessed an idea I floated amongst a group of people grow to fruition and thus success. What’s more, someone else got credited for the thought so yea, I’m getting no reward points the thoughts. It took me an extra ounce of self control to not intercept and claim appreciation for my idea.

Strangely yet pleasantly true, I had a concurrent feeling of inner satisfaction & secret happiness for being the(perhaps ‘an’) unseen hand/force that played a pivotal role in this. I had a deep sense of achievement. This was so important to me. I felt I didn’t need any validation for my success. I drew lessons from it to apply within @inclusionguys and other areas of life. It dawned on me how much everyone is about themselves and what they own or get to themselves.

I’ve witnessed first hand idea conflicts back at inclusion sorely because to each, their idea is greater just because they own it. Ownership of an idea or the appreciation in the end is something people hold dear. I learnt how important it is to allow people to own the cause, the idea, the benefit and most importantly the credit for making it happen.

On loyalty

I’ve been on the book “Why Loyalty Matters” which is also very good in illustrating how self centered we are as people of this age.

“research shows that we tend to view our partners as being much less loyal to us than we believe we are to them, and of course our partners view their loyalty to us to be far greater than our loyalty to them” — Why loyalty matters

I’d recommend the read to anyone who wishes to understand this further from a philosophical point of view. (I’ve contemplated using the book as an appraisal metric for inclusionguys but that’s just that. — a contemplation)


The use of decision making tools/processes is important so as to democratise decisions in a team of people so nobody pushes forth an idea just to feed their own ego.This way the team owns the idea and there is inclusive collaboration when it comes to execution.It is also important to foster a culture of appreciating people for ideas as well as initiatives so no small contribution goes unnoticed in a team of people.


I’ve also come to accept the thought of allowing someone less experienced to make a mistake so they can get better at it and perhaps do it better next time. Creating an inclusive environment for all personalities & skills in the team is a bit painful but each small gain goes a long way to develop both the person, myself and team as a whole. Amazing stuff can be achieved if you don’t mind who gets the credit.