Do Something Fun
I rearranged the furniture in my dorm room. I did this because my roommate dropped their stuff off before the semester started and hasn’t shown up since. Originally my desk and bed were flipped so that it would be easier to go in and out of the room, however, it was really uncomfortable to use my desk. Now it is harder to enter/exit, but I can actually study at my desk. Also the room is clean now. After the deed was done, I bought Zero Escape, flipped my monitor around, and lazed around playing Zero Escape.

Mind Map (image)

Mind Map (digitization)
I made my mind map directly on the computer using the website.

Suggested Themes
Technology, Computers (possibly, video games/SNS) and their affects on humans, in their lifestyle and habits.
 — This is a worthy area of exploration as in the current generation more and more people are living constantly glued to their devices and they don’t actually see the world as is anymore. Their views are swayed by a single Tumblr post for no reason.

Surgical Tools and Methods and their rapid advancements vs ethics — As new diseases are being discovered, cures for old ones are found also. Rapid advancements in surgical and medical technology lengthened the lifespan of humans, however, the methods used to gain are not necessarily the most humane.

Emotional/mental stability in relation to bonds created along the span of life — Who you are to this day is built upon all the interactions and experiences gained throughout your life. Most of the interactions involve other living beings, and their affects on you. The bonds created… the experiences… form a unique identity, but how those bonds and interactions affect everyone is different from person to person.

10 Silly Ideas

Air Con Bubble
Stay Away Desk Extension
Gravity Hoarder
Sleep ThinkNot
Censor Aar
Dream Capsule
Office Chair +

9/20 — create blog
9/21 — Mind Map, work on
9/22 — Mind Map, work on
9/23 — Do something fun?/silly idea, work on
9/24 — Do something fun 2?/silly ideas, work on
9/25 — silly ideas, work on/blog, work on.
9/26 — silly ideas, work on/ blog, work on
9/27 — Choose themes/finalize blog
9/28 — final touches

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