#3- Lesson Learned: DON’T PROCRASTINATE

This week consisted of my first mid-term and a really crappy research essay for my Univ. Writing class. My first mid-term was in Economics this last Monday at 7PM. The weekend before and the day of I was studying a lot and made myself not go out. I thought that having a mid-term that late in the day was bad, but it wasn’t, I actually didn’t mind it because I knew that fifteen hundred other students were taking as well.

After my mid-term I had a three page essay waiting to be turned in on Wednesday morning. I haven’t picked a topic and done any research. Therefore I haven’t touched it since it was assigned, which I know is really bad. To make it even worse, I didn’t even start on it until Tuesday night and I ended up staying up until 2:30AM to finish this research essay. As well as print four copies for my peers and professor peer review it. By the time I finished I got to at least half of the third page I was done and could not take it any further because I was basically brain dead and was finished with my essay. As I went to bed I noticed that I didn’t drink any caffeinated drink to keep me up AND I finished my three page essay in roughly four hours. It could’ve been done earlier but I have a roommate and we really like to talk, oh and we also invited a friend over so that really pushed my time.

Overall, I really need to know how to prioritize. As of right now I am spacing out my homework time everyday and never do all of them in one sitting. However this tends to lead to procrastination so I almost pulled an all nighter just for a three page essay that was a rough draft, not a final. Instead I could set time frames for each of my assignments and make myself finish them within the time limit I give myself.

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