#8- Good Times Fly

This week was when I realized that fall semester is about to end. I realized it when the majority of my courses talked about finals and what we should expect for them as well.

It turns out that I only have one mid term and the rest are a project and 4 essays. Now that I look over it, it’s actually not that bad, because the due dates are all spaced out so I know that I will be able to prioritize on each assignment. Even though some are cumulative and others are not, I know that I will be able to know which should come first and which should come later. I know that no matter what I will put my best effort into each one and not quit because there’s no point for quitting when I am this far into the semester.

Within almost 3 months, I have learned so much from each of my courses. Univ. Writing taught me how to write better and improve my grammar. Whereas before I would always write in different tenses and struggle to have a smooth sentence without any errors.

Econ taught me how the money system really works within a company and how it affects others. Since this course has a huge lecture of over 500 students I made sure to clear my confusion by going to office hours that he provided. By going to his office hours I understand economics much better than I thought. I also went to my TA’s office hours for more help as well.

CLA taught me so many things, because of the changing topics from week to week, it opened my eyes to so many real life topics ranging from race and ethnicity to sexual assault on college campuses. This course really made me think about where I am going and the environment on campus, basically the bigger picture of the campus and little details that students tend to miss and don’t notice once they have decided to attend the U, any other college or university, or any other higher education option.

Then there’s Politics, I the only thing that bothers me the the content that we’re learning, not the professor and my classmates. It’s solely the content. I think it’s because the content is really detailed and we must elaborate ideas and ideologies of old authors into modern english. We do this to show the professor that we understand the content and are able to translate it into the modern english.

To a large extent, I am happy with the courses that I have chosen for my fall semester. Each courses made me learn differently and overall I really enjoy my Econ class because of how the numbers in the economy work and how businesses manages money. With every class that I take, I am still learning something new everyday and I enjoy that I don’t learn the same things over and over again, so I don’t get bored. To upcoming first year students, I want to say is that where you start is not going to be the same place to where you end, because you end a million miles further than you started. No matter how fast and slow you go, your journey will memorable and promising up until the end. Oh wait, learning is never-ending.