Market survey

After finishing the survey and looking at the data, I finalized my ideas to

Some feedback from those ideas specifically:

2. Clamped Horizontal

3. Lantern modes

4. Sculpture Feeder

5. Plant pot


I choose the two most prevalent problems I've seen throughout my entire research on bird feeders: Keeping squirrels away and refilling them.

How might we… keep squirrels from stealing bird seeds.

How might we… easily or quickly refill bird feeders?

I tried to be as broad as possible. For my second HMW, I used the word or instead of and to facilitate a wider range of ideas rather than constricting it.


We did this in a study room in Sanford. The environment was cold and chilly and wasn't the most well lit either. To combat this, I…

Mind map


For my exaptation, I tried to think of more physical things I could do instead of more of my abstract interests. I found a lot of my interests are in the arts, and very hands-on work.


For my survey, I wanted to get a good look at the user demographics first. I asked questions about their age and gender.

Then, I asked about the bird feeder they had. I listed the most popular ones and had a photo next to them in case they didn't know the name. I found that tube feeders were the most popular, and they were often used with a few other kinds as well. I questioned what they changed, liked, disliked, and loved about the product.


As the smallest bird species, flying both forwards and back all while making no noise, hummingbirds have always been a popular spectacle. These little birds full of personality were so intriguing, we found a way to attract them. Simply mix sugar and water in a bottle with a tray and there the first nectar feeder was born. It went on the market in 1962 and was a success. It became a favored past time, where children and adults bonded over their connection with nature. The hobby quickly took shape to the common suburban house and the market grew bigger. Bird…

Final idea + Recipe

When I started this project I had a problem with creating something “creative” and found myself designing cookies that have already been done before. With no baking skills or liking for sweets, I turned a hard situation into a solution. Brainstorming while eating hot Cheetos, I was able to think of a Hot Cheeto flavored cookie. I decided to create something using an ingredient I was familiar with and could be different from others around me.

The cookies I created are called Red Sauna because it prompts a hot and spicy feelin’. I incorporated a cheesy spice, something not common…

catherine nguyen

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