Why I enroll in Holberton School

Becoming software engineer is my passion as well as my goal. I said that is my passion because I love to learn how to write the code, I feel exciting to learn new programming language, the way to solve the problem. I want to become a software engineer because I want to work in the creative environment, dynamic, and have many opportunities to develop my ability. The another also reasons very importantly to make a decision changing my career into software engineer is the higher benefit than other fields. Besides that, because of the hot market of human resource in the software industry, I may have many chances to get the job with a perfect salary.

By the suggestion of my brother, a senior software developer, I searched information in Holberton website. I recognized that I would learn many things from Holberton, not only the new programming language but also the way how to solve the problem. Besides that, I will learn many experiences from the instructor who are mentor or industry leaders. The last reason is I don’t have to pay the upfront tuition which is helpful for me when I could not get the financial aid. I think this policy from Holberton not only useful for me but also necessary for everyone who is looking for the opportunity to learn software engineer. From those reasons above, I decided to enroll in Holberton School.