Closing the anniversary

Dear little babe!

I wanna tell to you about my last night dream. My dream, a dream that has you inside, but that’s my story. Flickering long long journey, with the romantic bound which’s around an abundant field. I met again one man. He’s myboyfrien’s father — it’s like one of my first love, or the initial affection, or that’s my childhood that I had aback.

I talked with the old man a lot of things, remaining only the long echo laughing in the atmosphere of afar sky, blue trees and the air which is a winter late day but got still light. “Dear sir, where’s your son?”

A second later, like a nodding of that man, my boy has apperanced, still that long in the edge of his eyes, little curly hair and thin body as before. He said nothing but not saying hello also. Starting with the party, his father was a leader, my boy, I, there has been a teenager who name Phong (Windy), wearing light yellow shirt and you — little babe — was there. You were a tourist guide. And of course there has been the woman that she was my boy’s present wife. You sat there opposite his dad, I was next to Phong, and he’s beside his brother. Face to face was his wife and him. Focusing all toward you, but my emotion’s back, to him, was not near me.

His wife said nothing, younger than me, but she’s got a fully fleckle face. She’s thin and keep silent beside him. Maybe she knew about my emotion or not for a little while. I did not care about the delicious food, I’ve been talking a lot and sitting back to the arms behind. That’s a warmly brace, tenderly, but it was Phong’s arms. Not his. I knew he’s back, very near me, but I was not catching him. The story was about complaining or feeling sorry betweem him and I. Before escaping out my dream, I remmembered he’d been acting powerly. I was feeling ashamed which the separation again. “Can you lend me your mobile?”. Silence. “I read my number, you call to me please”. Not a word, he turn his mobile off silently and clearly.

Very shamely I was awake, out of that dream but can not understand. How can I try to keep something back? Hang the memories of me and him. Trying to get the emotion once again from him. But it’s not, something like the surfing wave from inside me pulling it out, I thought that’s love which was real, but unreal any more. In only the dream, that woman, his wife now was very different. She need only keeping silence, glancing quietly, ignoring the action of her enemy that was enough to be attractive and keep him back for her own.

(You can read here if you can read in Vietnamese :D:


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