Spiritual Awakening Equals Finding Your True Self

Spiritual awakening is about finding who you really are. It becoming aware of our true self. You may go through what many will call the dark night of the soul. It painful. It will turn your world up side down.

Everything you know to be the truth is gone. You once believe in what a lot of people believe. But now, you have found out that we live in an intelligent universe. You began to discover spiritual laws of this universe.

You will find out. That you can become a creator, instead being a victim. So many of us are in this mindset that we have no control over our world. But we do. If we understand how our mind works.

Our mind is very powerful. But I am not talking about the conscious mind. What I am talking about is the subconscious mind. Where you habits lies. It where your ideas and belief are fixed in there.

Ideas and belief are the lens which you see with the world. It control your perception. People say perception is reality. They don’t really understand it. But What I mean is that any idea that you have will become true. If you tell a lie over and over. You began to believe it. This is the power of the mind.

It creates your world though the ideas that you have in the past that was planted in your mind. When you were a kid. But we never research, if it was true. These ideas control our world. Our mind has this power to communicate with the universe. If you are in harmony with the universe. You will feel that things just fall into place. And you began to become lucky. Most people know about the law of attraction.