A Rising Legend

“LCS Studio” By Lena Nguyen, March 13, 2016

The dedication of tremendous challenging work towards achieving athletic goals to entertain the public through sports has been a part of our society for centuries. However, with the rise of a new form of sports called Esports a controversial subject has significantly impacted our younger generations. Esports is where a player will play a video game online which requires a team you need to synergize with like any other sport. Although the media has shamed the idea of Esports being considered an actual support poking jokes at the players saying it’s just a game; Esports has impacted our generation significantly created large fan bases for teams especially for the game league of legends. League of Legends is a ten-player game with two teams which each hold five players. Teams from several different countries will hold a domestic tournament over the course of the year, and top teams from each country will meet up during October for a worlds championship. I started playing League of Legends in 2012 when a friend introduced me to the game. Each game generates a unique environment of intense mental decision making, and deciding what the right choice is to help aid your team in winning the game. The game is immensely exciting, and fun to spend hours playing with your friends creating teams you strive for success on. Over the course of five years I’ve witnessed the fast-paced growth of our community, and the marks it left on media as it grew into an official sport. I would spend hours out of class focusing on improving myself as player. I would watch videos and live streams to learn from the pro players gathering their perspective on ways of winning the game. However, my passion for Esports developed significantly once I entered my first year of college in my previous campus. My school had a Esports club which formed a League of Legends team. I had the opportunity to experience traveling to other schools to play in tournaments for prizes. Eventually I transferred to here at Appalachian State University which also held an Esports club with a league time. I joined the league team my first year here and the company Riot Games which is the owner of League of Legends sponsored a collegiate league for college teams to play against each other. My second year I left the team to be an Esports manager for the club. The growth of League of Legends depends on the community working together to show their support, so I asked a fellow member of my Esports club questions on their views of Esports which went the following way.

Question: Do you consider Esports authentic as any other sport such as Football, basketball, soccer, etc.?

Answer: No doubt Esports is a legit sport. It takes hours of challenging work where you put your blood, sweat, and tears to improving at the game. You work together with four other players to build your synergy as a team. Soccer requires coordination between team mates to make plays which is exactly the same as League of Legends. It requires a lot of mental strength as other professional sports do.

Question: Other major sports have fans supporting teams at their games. Does League of Legends and other Esport games have the same aspects?

Answer: Yes of course! The community for League of Legends is the sole reason Esports has made an impact across the world. Each region which holds a competitive league has a studio with a live audience you pay tickets for to get in. The community will buy merchandise from there favorite teams, cosplay as characters form the game, make posters, and many other aspects you’ll find in any other sport.

Question: Is the viewership of League of Legends competitive events comparable to other sports?

Answer: Actually over the course of time the League of Legends world championships showed increasing audience each year. In 2015 the world championships recorded more viewership then the NBA Finals if that gives you an idea on how big Esports is impacting our forms of entertainment.

Question: Can you make a living off League of Legends?

Answer: The professional teams have several sponsors, and the team owners will create a structed system for the team. There will be a coach, a manager, a support staff, and other staff members outside of the players which each get paid. The teams have several sponsors that provide equipment for the layers to use. So, players and staff members of the organizations are paid. They are also living in a house all together, so the players can make a living off Esports.

Question: What is the future of League of Legends Esports?

Answer: Well, Esports develops more every passing year reaching goals and creating new goals. However, this following year Riot games is beginning to form franchising in North America for the teams. This means organizations and especially the players will gain increased pay raises forming a more stable work environment. Players will not have to worry about a mediocre performance leading to them being kicked out of the team as severely anymore. This is only the beginning of franchising, and I believe Esports will take a large step forward through this.

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Date: 10/10/17

This was a very important game for me because, I “Garen” being the last one standing was able to win the game for us and secure our spot for the next game.

I would say my fondest memories would be my first traveling experience to Georgia to compete. It was the first time I vlogged because I was so thrilled about the experience. Having this experience made me love the game even more because of the possibilities it brought me. I loved the Southern Georgia campus. It was absolutely breathtaking compared to Campbell, but maybe because it was probably just new. I could fulfill my dream of traveling just about anywhere because of League of Legends.


Even ESPN is serious about Esports because they have realized that it brings out lots of viewership hitting the hundreds of millions all around the world. Lots of football teams and even soccer teams have started funding into League of Legends, Overwatch, Counter-Strike Global Offensive teams. ESPN has fully recognized Esports being a legit sports and worth covering and funding. Players are paid just as much as athletes and sometimes even more. Currently as I’m finishing this off the League of Legends World Championship for 2017 is going on. North Americans, Europeans, Chinese, Koreans, Brazilians, etc and much more around the world that is listed in the article are competing for glory, their country, fans, and the prize pool that is listed over 5 million dollars.