SUQA electronic money — 5% interest per year

SUQA is an open source digital currency. Any deposit in electronic money will bring investors 5% per year, regardless of the status of the wallet. It uses an improved bitcoin cipher, equipped with X221POW algo — enhanced memory.
 Blockchain uses the POW X22i algorithm, which is available for a regular PC processor and a GPU processor. The X22i provides a decentralized consensus mechanism, which has a multi-factor user incentive mechanism, including the provision of automatic temporary adjustments during coin mining.

An investor with electronic money in his wallet receives interest income from the deposit, even in the event a wallet is turned off. This is a very good time for investors. Electronic money developers have not used the original place of coins, no money to spend and money selling, the masternody in the blockchain network is absent. All these points are very useful for operators and investors. Just moments alone are not enough for the project’s profit. Consequently, developers do not refuse to integrate and use all the advantages that exist in an electronic money environment. The founders laid a solid foundation in the blockchain cryptocurrency as a SUQA ecosystem.

SUQA encourages not only those who have been members of the community for a long time, but also new members. This approach increases the attractiveness of the ecosystem and provides many benefits — it has no exorbitant costs and is as transparent as possible to all participants. Cryptocurrency serves as a reward to charities and startups, providing a free transaction in the ecosystem. The incentive to pay is the result of the contributions of the founders and the charitable donations. The e-money ecosystem tends to trust relationships, is decentralized, allows the community to grow extensively with ongoing payments in the form of remuneration for coin mining. To ensure the safety of the ecosystem,

Electronic money is positioning itself as a decentralized and autonomous platform, able to reward philanthropy in the ecosystem. All this is aimed at the development of blockchain and the development of SUQA applications.


In conclusion, I want to add what I found an up-and-coming project and the first in this area. There is no competition, which means 99% that the project will be successful. Moreover, partnerships with several exchanges have already been concluded, I am sure that the token will be immediately available on the exchanges.

I studied in great detail all the members of the team and here we can also be confident of professionalism and that these guys will bring everything to an end!

A project with a great future and a strong team, tokens will be traded on exchanges. The demand for tokens will be great, as the asset will be in order. Accordingly, we can earn big money. We are at the very beginning of this journey, which has a great future!

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