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I’ve never really expected this to happen. This field was just my third choice and I didn’t even know why I landed here but hey, this is it! This is a real big day! After four long years of struggles, survival, battles, happiness, sadness and all experiences in college, I survived! I walked through the aisle and got my diploma. I did it!

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I am 22 now and every time I tell my story, I tear up. Ma and I were not at fault. We did no wrong. But we survived this. We won. People tell boys to “man up” so we don’t talk about these things. We should talk about the things that matter, even when it is hard. We need to try. So much changed in my life once I realised I was a victim of child sexual abuse. I clammed up. I lost confidence. I went numb. Today, I am doing my best to overcome, to get past. Most cases of child sexual abuse are carried out by family members or caregivers who are in a position of trust or responsible for the child’s care, such as a teacher, relative, driver etc. We all need to do our bit. Educate. Spread the word. Please.


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