Terminator or naww part 1

As Veteran’s day has past for our country, we have seen the military adapt by developing the newest technology available. In recent articles, it has been stated the U.S. military is attempting to research and develop artificial intelligence weapons. Supporters claim countries are investing research in autonomous weapon technology. Therefore, supporters insist the U.S must invest in AI weapons technology as this type of technology will help defend our country from attacks on our country’s territory. They also believes the military will become more efficient in the battlefield as well as with military. However, the opposition speaks otherwise are they want to ban autonomous weapons. This leads to the question, should the United States of America allow research and develop autonomous weapons in the military.

Soldiers in combat

Supporters of AI weapons are usually also military supporters and advocate the government to invest in a strong military. They believe a strong military produces a strong country. These advocates of a strong military claim autonomous weapons will protect us from attack by other countries like China and Russia. They believe both Russia and China’s military are research and developing AI weapons and the U.S. military must keep up with the competition. Supporters believe a possible attack on our country could be defend by AI weapons in the front line. Also they claim countries would be in fear based on rumors of our country having autonomous weapons, therefore no country would risk attempting an attack on our territory.

Military drone

Supporter argument about autonomous weapons defending the country from attacks has valid points. With AI technology, the military would be capable to detect and interact with foreign invaders miles away from U.S territory. Currently, the military does use drones to scout around area. With current technology, drones could be equipped with artificial intelligence weapons and capable of combat with invaders on its own. A superpower country like the U.S would be at a disadvantage without autonomous weapons and potentially open for an attack by enemy countries. We are seeing an arms race for autonomous weapons as many countries are investing military funds into artificial intelligence.

Supporter also argue the use of AI weapons will make the military overall more efficient specially during combat and certain military task. Supports claim certain military task for example standing guard on a base could be a better job for autonomous weapons. They claim some military personnel standing guard are prone to fatigue as they spend countless hours trying to stay alert on little rest. A weaponize AI drone will be alert 24 hours, seven days a week, and be in combat with any attempting invaders miles from any military base or territory. Another example supporter claim is autonomous weapons having no emotions will make the military better efficient. As with any soldier, they can act on anger and their anger can potentially lead to civilian causalities. Autonomous weapons would not act on emotion and would be able to distinguish an enemy from a friendly or civilian. This leading to less consequence for the military as they would be disgrace if any soldier was known to kill a civilian on purpose.

Fantasy military robot

Supporter claim about better efficiency work is true in variety of points. There are thousands of soldier in our military and losing any of them would have a bigger lost than a destroyed AI weaponized machine. During combat, soldiers has feared for their lives and the fear can cause erratic behavior. An autonomous weapon machine would act the same way throughout the combat until it become immobilized.

Support might claim that AI weapons will reduce the amount of soldiers needed This statement might be true during a start of a war but down the line resources run out and then more soldiers will be needed. Supporters made many claims about the benefits of autonomous weapons in the military. Their claim of AI weapons producing a more efficient military and belief of AI weapons would defend our country from attack is a couple of the supporter’s best argument. People will have different views about autonomous weapons and both sides have strong arguments. The lawmakers of the world especially the United States needs to discuss the issue of autonomous weapons before big consequences start to happen.