Terminator or naww part 2

In the past few weeks, we have seen a monumental change that will impact the future of our country. The United States will have a new president. Some people dreadfully hate him and some people absolutely love him. The next four years for America and the world will be interesting. As president, he will be looking to deal with problem in our country and possibly the government will finally discuss about the topic of researching and developing autonomous weapon for the military. Citizens of the United States has mixed thoughts about autonomous weapons. More notably, iconic people in artificial intelligence industry have express their feelings against AI weapons in the military. The oppositions of autonomous weapons believe creating AI weapons will lower the threshold of war, potentially be present on the black market, and soon be in the hands of the terrorist.

American Soldier

Back in 2015, thousands of artificial intelligence researchers and entrepreneurs met up to sign an open letter about their position on autonomous weapons. These signees claim the world should ban any research and development on AI weapons. Some notable signees are entrepreneurs Elon Musk and Steve Wosniak. If the world does not ban autonomous weapons, they claim an AI arms race will happen and lower the threshold of war. The opposition believes countries will be more prone to go to war as they see less consequence putting autonomous weapons in battle. The opposition feels nations will think there are less consequences as they can use autonomous weapons and not put human lives in danger. However, realistically its not the case.

Steve Wozniak

Their claim of autonomous weapons lowering the threshold of war is a strong agreement that the opposition has. This argument can relate to many other technologies. When military is able to attack from a distance or orders attack with less consequence, then that certain technology lowers the line of war. In our history, we have seen it with planes and the incident at pearl harbor. Japan uses planes to destroy whole ships full of sailor and they did it with less consequence as they didn’t have to send thousands of their military to attack pearl harbor. Therefore, in a sense autonomous weapons theoretically have less consequence as not human lives are on the line from the owner’s side. However, when both sides of the battle have autonomous weapons realistically the battle will have more causalities.

Another argument the oppositions points out, if a nation mass-produces autonomous weapons then it would be a matter of time when AI weapons on the black market. Then on the black market autonomous weapons would get in the hands of terrorist. Elon Musk and others claim autonomous weapons would be made by cheap material and mass-produced. The opposition believes autonomous weapons are perfect for assassinations and mass-casualties of civilians. As everyone knows, terrorists will only use autonomous weapons to attack innocent people and only cause harm to society.

If ever made, autonomous weapons will be created for the purpose to defend our nation and terrorist groups would only use it to cause harm. They would kill innocent civilian to get their names on the news and cause an abruption of hatred for certain ethnicities. I believe this argument is on of their best as every nation doesn’t want terrorist to have any weapons especially autonomous weapons where terrorist are able to cause way more harm.

The opposition of autonomous weapons in the military has strong arguments. We have seen how technological advance weapons low the threshold of war. Also the potential danger of autonomous weapons in the hands of terrorist. There is not an exact right answer to this problem but the supporters of autonomous weapons in the military need to hear out the opposition. As a whole, the entire country needs to discuss the idea of Autonomous weapons in the military before a major attack