MONKEY with the green and the red tree

Our mind is like a monkey. He kept jumping and climbing all day, never sitting still. He climbs to the tree of the future, and then he rises to the tree of the past, then he continuously jumps from one tree to another and never stops. If the favourable conditions of humans are the green trees, then actually, there are many green trees, if we sit and think carefully about them. However, the monkey in our mind is very sensitive to the red plants, which are plants that contain worries, fears, or other desires. Whenever a red tree appears, our monkey keeps jumping to cling to that red tree, and forgot about it, surrounded by countless green trees that were beautiful. And sometimes he laments why this red isn't so lovely, not green.

Life is like that, to have happiness, we have to try to train, so every time the monkey in our mind jumps and clings to a red tree, we have to remind and call it back to the fresh green orchard we have, even more so. If so, then we have a peaceful and happy life.



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