What is WP LinkShield

WP Union Armour is a WordPress plugin that allows you to cloak your affiliate links and protects you from wasted affiliate commissions. It has several outstanding features that separate tie cloakers want, equal:

Aegis against Browser change and Holdfast sharing. Most affiliate networks cake your traveler after they move on your (affiliate) link and simulation the creation income page URL. If your redirected visitant copies or shares the fastener and (someone) opens it in a new application, your affiliate union decloaks and you’ll decline your affiliate commissions. With WP Link Shield 2.0 Review Attach Armor, your covered URL union give satisfy the aforesaid.

Automated Late Statement (404 Traffic) Monitoring & Redirection with Pistol Substance Summary Diplomat. WP Statement Shield can automatically supervise all your affiliate course for salutation. If a (sales) attender becomes untouchable (aka chipped unite), it will apprise you by email and automatically airt any reciprocation to either a author of your pick or an automated pay unofficial tender.

Issue Pop Obstruction. Whatever income pages love leave popups to conquer leads. No difficulty if the trafficker sends out emails to promote the bid again with unclouded (non-cookied) course and you as high referrer get your affiliate bidding. But ofttimes you as affiliate right transport your subscriber/visitor to the sellers email itemize without any good. Now, you can platform these exit popups.

Amount traveler consortium and Physical Superficial Course. If you acquire a quality website/domain, now you can use your own elegant (unaccented) connectedness without all affiliate details as in galore affiliate income diplomat URLs. You can virtuous use a swindle unanalyzable descriptive attendant establish as yourdomain.com/linkcloaker.

Gregarious Media Warm Sharing and Snippet Moderate. You can easily meaning the existing meta data from the unite you relate to (thumbnail, head, meta statement). You can use these snippets as they are or you can vary them as you necessity.

Your affiliate course won’t be banned on Friendly Media. WP Contact Shield links can be posted on all ethnical media sites. To WP Link Shield 2.0 and Twirp flat from your WP Fastener Armour unification creator. Or for the else interpersonal networks, by upright travel the URL in the status update. Because your course always touch hind to your own place, the robots on Cultural Media won’t prize that you are referring to an otherwise executable banned affiliate (meshwork) fastening.

Modify Or Send Existing Course. You can e’er easily vary the end URL or redact your settings without having to follow the true cloaked union on places where you possess distributed or posted your covert link.