I want to quit. Right now.
J. Westenberg 🌈

Thanks so much for your writing Jon !
I am an amateur blogger and writer. I started to fall in love with writing when I was in high school. When I entered university, I never thought that I could write more because I learnt external economics. But then, you know, I have continued to write so much that I cannot stop. Now I am a sophomore, I come from Vietnam. I keep following your writing and see it is so inspiring. I used to wonder everything you are wondering now. Sometimes, I expect my post will be welcomed by lots of people, they will like and put a comment under my blogs. But sometimes, I don’t receive much public attention. I know I need to try more, I am not the one who is the greatest in this job. I keep looking on the bright side and stimulate myself to keep going, keep writing, keep positive and reading more and more.

Thanks once again Jon. Your writing really puts a mark in my heart.