Stop delusions and rely on others when you are 18!

Phoenix Ho (Lecturer at RMIT University)

One day, people will be enlightened to things that they still do not understand. A child, when they choose between a cake and a tiny diamond, it will choose the cake. In contrast, an adult would choose right diamond without hesitation.

Before that, I also often have the idea of claiming to be rich, have the money to have independence, freedom, happiness, etc. Now look back, make your intention to be independence, pursue the profession you choose is freedom, give is happiness. Now, I understand why so many people devote themselves to a better society instead of putting a lot of meaningless money on them, because living is for the sake of giving. Why do not many people need financial freedom to feel successful, because they only need to achieve the simple things they want to succeed and they also need no one to judge.

Maybe I have to “threaten” you a bit

I don’t know whether older people are more difficult or not but recently i was very worried for the students (RMIT students and other students). I myself don’t want to criticize the weaknesses of the younger generation because I believe that disparage not only help them but also frustrate them. Recent observations worry me so much, so I decide to ring a bell to share with you my worries. Hope that this “threaten” helps you at all in preparing for your future in a more realistic way.

1. Delusion of being rich

I am sure people who read the news or web agree that recent wealthy courses in Vietnam are quite popular. The accompanying information is the story of the success of this young entrepreneur, that young entrepreneur, etc.

It’s a pity that it’s easy to believe in such courses, or to follow the example of young people with start-up tales, you are easily bogged down in desires close to illusions. After that, you become frustrated and unwilling to live the real life.

Behind prominent success stories in Vietnam is always a glimpse of a solid family from finance, knowledge, experience, to professional networking. Do your research, you will see stories in the news media that speak only to the essentials of success, without mentioning the most important elements that help young people: it is the their family. Never think that “he or she succeeds alone, does not need their family”. It is naive to have no family support in education since childhood. The success of a young business in a place where all is based on relationships like Vietnam is impossible.

So, stop reading the newspaper, stop sharing Facebook that stories with Sharp-tongued comments or admiration. Instead, look around for the success stories that are closest to your current situation, learn from them, and explore what factors help them reach. You will find a simple formula: hard work (not hard to imagine), always learning, modest, practical, slow, No illusion.


So, I think you guys stop reading other people's stories and start writing your own story, chapter by chapter.

2. Delusion of the development of the Vietnamese economy

It is true that Vietnam is developing very fast, foreign investment is rushing a lot. It is true that demand for labor in Vietnam is always high and talent is needed in recent years and years to come. But this does not happen forever, Even it can be terminated at any time.

Read the report of the World Bank 2014 on the human resources of Vietnam to take a look back at yourself. If we do not meet the foreign investment market for human resources, the will not be here long. We are not the only country qualified to meet their cheap labor needs.

If they stay, look at the recent government-to-country agreements. From TPP to Asean, It’s understood that Vietnamese workers will be competing right at home. The question is, do we have a competitive edge if we aren’t prepared now?

Also, countries where Vietnamese students are studying are gradually tightening their labor law. The England has stopped graduate bachelor graduates from doing so. Forced students to return to their home country after graduation. Other countries will follow. This mean: Foreign students will return to compete in the domestic labor market.

So if you are a student in the country, you should really start to ask yourself, "what do I have to do to prepare myself when I graduate to find a good job for myself?"

3. Family

I still often wonder why Vietnamese parents are always hard on things that are not necessary and easy to do with things that should not be easy. For example, they are hard at not letting children go out to work, meet with friends, take part in extracurricular activities. They just want their children at home, right under their eyes, or sit in extra classes, giving them peace of mind. On the contrary, they are easy on not taking your child to do household chores, not taking responsibility for making simple decisions every day, for children to buy expensive items. They scolded the embarrassment of children, but rarely punished by actual action.

I think, instead of “governing” and “pointing” to the child what to do step by step. Parents let their children know how to identify their goals, make decisions based on what is within their reach, be responsible for their decisions, and solve their own problems. Don’t do it for them, decide for them, or live for them if you don’t want it forever not mature.

To tell the truth, I always find it more difficult to see parents take their children to apply to college, write applications, contact teachers instead of children,… Maybe 10 years ago, at 8 years old, parents should slowly let themselves do small things, then 10 years late, when 18 years old, parents just listen to information from children, hear report child ask your child why, then financially support the limits that both understand. that would be much better.

4. Conclusion

Oh, I wrote this note in two fears, “fear of being stoned” and “fear of not being loved”. But I make corrections, I do not stop loving you. I just want you to be more realistic, try harder, less delusional, more responsible, and stop being naive on others when you are 18.

Dear my lover, let's start living and writing your story.

February 18, 2016

Saigon, Vietnam.

Source: Facebook Phoenix Ho