Snippet Store v0.2.6!

I’ve recently posted my new app Snippet Store on ProductHunt and at the end of the day it ended up as the #5 product of the day, not bad for the first product that I’ve ever posted on ProductHunt 😄.

After 2 days Snippet Store jump from 16 stars on github to 75 stars, the first time that so many people like something that I’ve made! Thank you guys so much.

Snippet Store v0.2.6 will be the version that you will have to upgrade to as it contain some cool features and bugfixes, but best of all, vscode integration!

New icon pack!

The old app look horrible as I used devicon for my app and it doesn’t support all the programming languages. So in this release, I’ve found a great solution, I used the icon pack that being used in my vscode text editor — Material Icon Theme. The author of the icon theme @PKief has allowed me to use his icons in my app and big thanks to him as the app look way better than before:

Snippet Store with new icon pack!

Import & Export snippet

Snippet Store doesn’t support sync with gist.…yet. Therefore, in the meantime, if you want to share your snippets with someone else who is also using Snippet Store, you can use the export snippet feature and send the exported file to your teammates, co-workers…and they can use the import feature to import that file and Snippet Store will take care of the rest!

Snippet Store import & export feature in action

Custom storage location

Although you can’t sync your snippet with gist yet, there’s another way to share your snippet with your team — custom storage location. With this feature, you can pick the folder that contain the snippets that Snippet Store should load, therefore, you can have multiple storages, a common scenario is that you will have a storage in your computer to store your secret snippets and one in your dropbox, google drive folder to share & receive snippets from your team.

Snippet Store custom storage feature

Visual Studio Code integration

Yes, it’s finally here! You can now both import and export your snippets from Snippet Store without any interruption! Everything that you’ll need is Snippet Store v0.2.6 and Snippet Store extension for VSCode.

Import your snippet from Snippet Store to Visual Studio Code

Transfer your snippet from Visual Studio Code to Snippet Store

You can find more info on how to install and use Snippet Store extension here.

Try it out today!

Right at this moment, August 12 2018, Snippet Store extension is published and Snippet Store v0.2.6 pre-release is ready! Here is the download links: