Save it locally via hyperlink or sending it as blob file to a remote server

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By reading this piece, you will learn to save a drawing on the HTML5 canvas element of your web application as an image. In this tutorial, I will be showcasing two methods to save it.

The first method is to store the image data inside a hyperlink (using the <a> tag). Then, you can download it manually from your browser via a manual click or trigger it programmatically using JavaScript. This option is good if you intend to let the users download it on their machine or just wanted to save a few images from the canvas.

As for the second method, I am going to convert the canvas as blob data and send it via FormData to a remote server. After that, you can easily save it on your server. This method is preferred if you are going to do data collection or saving a large amount of images from time to time. …


Ng Wai Foong

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