Benefits of Losing Weight

Shredding off extra weight was never an easy task, but you do not have to lose a ton of weight to get real health benefits. Losing just a small amount of weight will be able to improve your overall health that you would never expect! Besides that, losing a small amount of weight will give you more motivation to achieve higher targets. So, before you set a weight loss goal and embark on your journey of weight loss, it is crucial that you fully understand the benefits of weight loss.

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Health Benefits

Decrease Joint Pain

According to a study, extra 10 pounds of weight adds 40 pounds of pressure to the joint. Therefore, joints will become damaged, stress and inflamed causing the joints to wear out quicker. When the cartilage worn out, you will feel stiffness and pain in the joint when you moved around. Losing a little weight can ease up these effects but study found the losing 10–20% of weight will have the most significant results. You will also less likely to have arthritis later in life if you keep the extra pounds off.

Decrease Chances of Getting Cancers

A study shows that an older woman who lost at least 5% of their body weight will lower their chances to get breast cancer by approximately 12%. Furthermore, American Cancer Society also says that excess body weight is considered to be the cause of cancer of about 5% of cancers in men and 11% of cancers in women. The risk of developing cancers such as kidney cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer and pancreatic cancer is higher in overweight people than slimmer people. The link between risk of cancer with weight is not yet known but it is believed that the inflammation due to fat surrounding the organ is the cause.

Improved Cholesterol Level

LDL (low-density lipoproteins) or often called ‘bad’ cholesterol can be lowered by balanced nutrient intake and medication. But it is harder to raise HDL (high-density lipoproteins) — ‘good proteins’, that is able to clear LDL in the bloodstream. One of the method to raise HDL is to lose weight, losing body fat can raise HDL to a healthy range which is about 60mg/dl. Higher HDL was proven to lower the risk of getting heart disease.

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Lower High Blood Pressure

Obese people often have high blood pressure due to the blood push harder against the blood vessels. This also increases the workload of the heart and makes the heart works harder. Losing body weight is able to lower the blood pressure coupled by healthy diet with more vegetables, fruits and less salt.

Helps Regulate Type 2 Diabetes

Excessive body fat will increase the amount of adipose tissue in the body that might cause inflammation and further interferes the function of insulin — blood sugar regulating hormone. Losing weight increases the sensitivity in type 2 diabetes patient by reducing adipose tissue leading to a more effective blood sugar management. A study proved that just a 5% decrease in body weight was able to decrease blood sugar level in the blood stream.

Lifestyle benefits

Better sleep quality

Sleep apnea is a disorder where the patient has disrupted breathing while sleeping. When the body relaxes during sleeping, extra tissue at the back of the throat due to excess body fat will drop down and obstruct the airway, causing sleep apnea. This disorder will cause a series of health problems including the heart. According to the National Sleep Foundation, trimming 10% to 15% from the number on the scale could reduce the severity of sleep apnea.

Improve Sex Drive

Losing weight will make you more easily aroused due to lower sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) levels in the blood. SHBG lowers free moving testosterone leading to lower sex drive. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism has a study that shows a heavier man has the same level of testosterone to the man a full decade older. Being slimmer also increases self-confidence being naked and therefore increase your desire to have sex.

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You Will be Happier

Weight loss will make ones more joyful and chase the blues away. A study showed that depressed individuals who were overweight feels happier after they shred an average of 8% of their body weight. Research is still going on to figure out why, but improved sleep and having a better body image might be part of the reasons.

Makes you more energetic

Since weight loss improves sleep quality, you tend to be more energized during the day and able to tackle daily tasks a lot more efficiently. More energy is needed to move a heavier body frame, losing some weight means that less energy is used and improved respiratory, making an individual more energetic and feels livelier.

Improve Memory

Struggling to remember what you ate yesterday or your colleague’s names? The extra body weight might be responsible for it. A study showed that women have a better result in memory test after dropping some body weight than they did before losing weight. But why? You may ask. When the women lose some weight, there was more activity during memory forming and less activity during memory recalling showed by brain scans. Therefore, the brain works much more efficiently when you lose some of those extra weights.

Takeaway Messages

You do not have to train like The Rock to start being heathy, losing as little as 5% to 10% of your body weight to start gaining many health and lifestyle benefits. Start losing some weight today to see benefits with your own eyes. Who knows? It might be the game changer of your life! But most importantly, discuss with your doctor about the goals and plans that are tailored for you.

(*Note — this article may contain Affiliate Links. If you purchase anything after clicking the affiliate link, I may receive some affiliate commission. )